Create multiple Wiring Zones and inverter topologies

In this article:

  1. What is a Wiring Zone
  2. How to Create Multiple Wiring Zones
  3. What if I Only Have One Field Segment

What is a Wiring Zone?

A Wiring Zone is where you define the electrical settings for one or more  Field Segments. Within a Wiring Zone you can select the inverter model as well as the wire gauge settings. When multiple Field Segments are placed in the same Wiring Zone, HelioScope will wire them in order from top to bottom.

How to Create Multiple Wiring Zones?

By default, HelioScope puts all Field Segments into one Wiring Zone. If you want to define more than one model of inverter within a design, you will need to separate your Field Segments into Wiring Zones. 

From the  Wiring Zone pane select <em>« wiring zones</em> to navigate to the summary page, then click +New to create a new Wiring Zone. Drag and drop Field Segments to assign them to different Wiring Zones.

What if I Only Have One Field Segment?

If your design only has a single Field Segment you will need to create a second Field Segment before you can create a second Wiring Zone. This link describes how to create additional Field Segments