Share a project

Sending a Share Link

To allow other users to see and edit your HelioScope Project you will need to send them what is called a "Share Link". To do so you will need to exit your Project if you are inside the Design, click "Save and Exit". Navigate to the  Sharing tab and click Share. Send the link to anyone else with a HelioScope account to allow them to view or edit the Project you got the link from. This link can be used by multiple people, so you can send it to individuals or groups as necessary to share your project.

Controlling Shared Users & Changing Share Links

Once you have added users to a project, you can control their access to the project in the Sharing tab. Click the red removal button to remove a user from the Project. Once a user is removed, the share link to the Project will also change so they cannot get in via the old link. If you want to add more users to the Project after deleting a user, you must copy the new share link and send that instead.

Share Links for Beta Users

To grab a Share Link as a beta user, you'll need to switch to the Old HelioScope and follow the steps above. To do so, click Switch to Old HelioScope on the bottom left corner of your screen, above your account name. This will direct you to the regular HelioScope site, from which you can open your project and grab a share link as shown above.

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