Export CAD Files

HelioScope allows users to export .DXF format CAD files for further editing. The following article walks through how to export CAD files for designs.

How to Export CAD Files

  1. Save & Exit your design in HelioScope
    1. Make sure you have finished the electrical section
  2. Click the Export dropdown from the Project's design tab
  3. Select your preferred CAD file
    1. CAD (.dxf): a 3D layout of the design with the underlying imagery attached (GoogleMaps and Bing only)
    2. Singleline Diagram: A simple electrical schematic. More information available here

My Background Image Isn't Showing Up

If you've exported the 3D layout to DXF and the satellite imagery is now showing up automatically, you will need to change the Image Path within your CAD program. This is essentially telling the software where to look for the image file that is referenced in the .DXF.