AC Modules

AC modules combine a module with a micro inverter as one product. To model these products in HelioScope you will need to select both a module and inverter separately. The reference table below clarifies the appropriate module and inverter for each AC module:

Manufacturer Product name Module in HelioScope Inverter in HelioScope
SunPower SPR-M425-H-AC
Enphase IQ7H-66-x-ACM-240
SunPower SPR-M430-H-AC
SPR-M430 Enphase IQ7H-66-x-ACM-240
SunPower SPR-M435-H-AC
Enphase IQ7H-66-x-ACM-240
SunPower SPR-M440-H-AC
SPR-M440 Enphase IQ7H-66-x-ACM-240
Panasonic Panasonic N330E  VBHN330SA16
Enphase IQ7X-96-2-US (240)
Solaria PowerXT-400R-PM-AC
PowerXT-400R-PM Enphase IQ7A-72-2-US (240)
Solaria Solaria PowerXT-355R-AC
Enphase IQ7X-96-2-US (240)
Solaria Solaria PowerXT-365R-AC PowerXT-365R-PD Enphase IQ7X-96-2-US (240)
SunPower SPR-X20-327-C-AC
E20-327-C-AC 17
SunPower SPR-X21-335-C-AC SPR-P17-335-COM E20-327-C-AC 17
SunPower SPR-X21-345-C-AC
E20-327-C-AC 17
SunPower SPR-X22-360-C-AC
SPR-X22-360-COM X22-360-C-AC 17
SunPower SPR-A400-G-AC SPR-A400-G-AC  SPWR-A4
SunPower SPR-A415-G-AC SPR-A415-G-AC
SunPower SPR-A425-G-AC SPR-A425-G-AC SPWR-A4