Academic Use of HelioScope

Classes / Groups

HelioScope provides an extended semester-long trial for students in university courses that use the program. If you're a professor or student who wants to receive this semester-long trial, we suggest the following:

  1. Have the entire class set up a trial account. University emails are preferable to personal emails.
  2. Have the professor or administrator send a list of the emails used to create an account to from their university email, as well as a syllabus for the class to verify dates of enrollment.
  3. Once these steps have been completed, we will extend every account that is open at the time we receive the list to the end of the course date as specified by the instructor.

Now that you have your extended account, help yourself to the online webinars, or the help documents, but please refrain from using support chat unless you are a paying customer. If you are a professor or graduate student that needs access outside of a class environment, send us an email at from your university email to discuss an academic discount

Single Accounts

If you are an individual trying to use HelioScope in an academic setting and are not associated with an active class, we can offer a couple of options for academic use:

  1. If you only need the license for a short amount of time, we can offer a one-time extension on your trial of 60 days.
  2. If you need the license for an extended duration, we can offer an academic discount on the cost of a monthly or annual subscription (A university email is required).

Please note that these options are binary, and we can only offer one of them. Choosing one option will prevent you from being able to choose the other in the future. To be eligible for either of these options, please send us evidence of your association with your academic institution at