Common Issues with KMZ Files

While images can be uploaded to HelioScope via a KMZ file, there are some issues that can come up during the process. We have detailed some of the most common ones below.

Image Transparency

HelioScope supports image transparency for uploaded KMZ files, as long as the file that the KMZ was created with was in PNG format. If your image doesn't appear with the proper transparency, that probably means it started with the wrong file type, and needs to be resaved from a PNG.

TIFF Files

TIFF files are great to initially capture high quality aerial imagery, but they have elements that cannot be uploaded to HelioScope. TO upload a TIFF file, convert it to another image type like JPG or PNG before uploading as a KMZ.

3D Imagery

External 3D imagery is not currently supported for upload to HelioScope. 3D elements must be removed from any KMZ before upload, or the image will not be able to be uploaded, or will display improperly.