Corporate Component Uploads

Corporate entities and manufacturers may wish to update their components in HelioScope, but there are a few restrictions in place when updating the HelioScope database to be aware of.

Corporate Component Uploads & Updates

The best way to upload large groups of components to HelioScope is to send the PAN or OND files to Files for upload should be from a version of PVsyst 6.4 or later, otherwise they will not be able to be uploaded. Once we have the PAN files, they will be uploaded publicly to the database.

For component updates, we request that updated files be sent only if they significantly affect the output of a simulation. If updates are small enough that they do not significantly affect production, they can be handled on a case by case basis.

Deleting components

The first important note for updating components is that we will never delete a module from the HelioScope database. There are many cases where old modules may need to be used in simulations, so we don't want to take that capability away from users. However, we do realize that there are cases where module with incorrect information may be accidentally uploaded to the database. In those cases, we will make sure those modules are hidden from view so users get the correct information for their simulations.

Discontinuing components

In the HelioScope database, discontinuing a component means that not only is the component no longer in production in any form, it will not be sold again. This should only be applied when all production and sale of a component has been completely shut down from all sources. Even if a component is an older version of a current component, if it is still being sold, it should not be discontinued as that implies it should never be used. Additionally, even if this product is no longer being sold, we will maintain it in the database for older designs that may have used it in the past, rather than delete it entirely.