Manually Moving Modules

By default HelioScope automatically lays out modules for you. In some cases you may want to tweak how the modules layout to avoid obstructions or to add another row of modules. Manual module control gives you the flexibility to shift modules around obstructions and add modules in different orientations within the same field segment. This article will go over the four different manual control options.

The first button in the manual module controls section allows you to switch between adding modules in landscape or portrait orientation. 

Adding Rows of Modules

The second button in the manual module section allows you to add rows of modules. 

  1. Click once to start your new section of modules (the green rectangle will turn orange)
  2. Drag the cursor to the end of the row
  3. Click again to end the row

Note: hold the shift key to line up the cursor with the existing row of modules

Adding Individual Modules

The third button in the manual modules section allows you to add individual modules to a field segment. In the animation below the green rectangle specifies any location where a module could be placed. 

  1. Click once to start the module placement
    1. You can drag the cursor to add a row of modules
  2. Click again to end the module placement

Note: placing a module over an automatically placed module will remove that module from the layout.

Editing Existing Modules

The fourth button in the manual module section allows you to edit existing modules within the layout. This can be used to move modules around obstructions or to align modules aesthetically. The following steps detail how to use the Edit mode:

  1. Click to select a module (click and drag to select a group of modules)
  2. Click and drag the selected module(s) to the desired location

Note: hold the Shift key to snap modules to existing rows of modules

How to Find the Manual Module Buttons

First - make sure your racking is set to Flush Mount Racking. Then you should see bold "Manual Modules" text and the four buttons below the Tilt field (image below):