Editing Reports with HTML

Sometimes when producing reports in HelioScope, extra information can make reports extend to three pages when printed to PDF. To change this, we can actually edit the HTML of our page.

Triggers To Edit

There are a few reasons that the PDF report can go over the regular two page limit.

  • The user has specific temperature conditions for each racking type in their condition set.
  • The user has a lengthy location for their project that creates multiple lines
  • The user has a lengthy PAN file, module, or inverter name, creating a larger table for the condition set.

Given these issues, here are the steps to reduce the PDF to the correct size.

How to Edit

We are going to use a project with four temperature conditions in the condition set as an example of how to edit HTML

  1. First, identify what types of racking you're using in your project. In this case, our project just had flush mount racking.
  2. Second, highlight the text of a racking type you're not using in the conditions section of the report, and then Right Click, and click Inspect.
    This is going to bring up the HTML code for the page in a window in the browser.
    Don't worry, nothing we do here is permanent, so if something goes wrong, we can just refresh the page and start the process over.
  3. Inspecting this text will take us to the part of the code that controls this section of the table. Hover over the section that controls a racking type we don't need for the simulation. This section will always start with "<tr ng-repeat=" for our temperature assumptions, but you can see what you are highlighting both in the HTML editor and the page.
  4. Now that we have the section selected, right click, and select delete element. Repeating this process for the racking types you don't want will reduce the size of the table, and take it back to 2 pages.

Once we've gone through these steps, we can click PDF to print the report to PDF and see the result of our efforts. If we didn't delete or edit enough, we can go back in and edit until the report fits into two pages.