Uploading International Weather Files from PVGIS

HelioScope has weather files covering the entire globe, but in many cases international users may want to import weather files from independent weather providers. This article describes how to obtain and upload weather files from PVGIS, an independent research project from the European Commission Joint Research Centre. 

How to Download Weather Files from PVGIS

  1. Go to http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvg_tools/en/tools.html
  2. Enter the address or Latitude and Longitude coordinates for your site
  3. Click the TMY tab to the right of the map
  4. Select the time period and click the EPW download button

Upload the Weather File to HelioScope:

Once the file is downloaded it can be uploaded like any other weather file. You can read more about how to upload weather files to HelioScope in the following link: How to Upload Custom Weather Files