Why can't I copy my DXF file in CAD?

Sometimes AutoCAD can run into an issue where you are unable to use the copy+paste function to copy values from a DXF file to a DWG file.
HelioScope's CAD and SLD exports are in DXF format, but if you run into this issue, there are a few solutions.

  • Once you have the DXF downloaded and opened in CAD, use the AUDIT function, then click YES. This will let you copy and paste from the file freely.
  • If you have a CAD reader that can convert files, save or export your file as a DWG. Then it can be copied from directly.
  • Instead of using copy+paste to integrate your HelioScope export, use commands like XREF to reference the file.

If these solutions don't work, we recommend contacting the CAD reader company for additional support referencing DXF files.