4. Electrical Design

An Electrical Design completes the Mechanical Layout by generating stringing and connecting inverters to the wiring zones. Select the “Electrical” icon for the electrical layout

  1. Choose your inverter (the quantity will automatically update based on a target 1.25 DC/AC ratio)
  2. Combiners can be sized using the “Combiner Poles” field, which controls the maximum number of inputs available per combiner. These can also be removed by clicking “x remove” at the bottom of the section in the designer.
  3. Size the string range automatically according to ASHRAE data, or manually size it according to your project specifications for appropriate string lengths. You can also choose whether the string should be routed along, or up and down your field segment.
  4. (optional) When designing with SolarEdge inverters, you must select an optimizer to complete the electrical design
  5. Inverters and combiner boxes can be moved, and the wires will be re-routed appropriately
  6. Percentage values next to the conductors show their total voltage drop at STC. These numbers are based on the wire distances shown in the Designer and the resistance of the conductor.
    1. Strings refer to the conductors after the modules have been connected in series
    2. Home Runs refers to the conductors after being combined at the combiner box
    3. Trunk cable refers to the conductors after being recombined at the recombiners (if applicable)

You can view a more detailed summary of the electrical characteristics of the array in the  Single Line Diagram.

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