Generac Substring Optimizers

Generac manufactures inverters and optimizers that can be modeled in HelioScope. The following article describes the specific method for pairing and modeling optimizers with Generac for performance simulations. 

Selecting Inverters and Optimizers

First, choose one of the Generac inverters:

Then choose the Generac substring optimizer in the optimizer search box:

The optimizer should automatically select the number of modules it can support, but you can manually set the optimizer input options as well.

Setting the Inverter String Length

Last, you'll need to set the substring length manually to match the number of modules that the optimizer can support. 

The image below shows how to adjust the minimum and maximum lengths:

  • The number typed in the box circled in blue is the maximum length. Enter a number such that the open circuit voltage at the lowest temperature does not exceed 420V, the optimizer’s max input voltage. 

  • The number typed in the box circled in orange is the minimum length. Enter a number such that the voltage at maximum power exceeds 60V, the optimizer’s min input voltage.

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