5. Simulation & Report

When you finish a design and click "Save & Exit" you can generate a report. The reports tab shows the full set of Designs and Condition sets that have been created for a Project. Each combination of a Design and Condition Set can be simulated to create a Report.

  1. Click on the orange “Simulate” button to trigger a simulation. The mechanical and electrical design must have been completed to allow a simulation.
  2. The blue progress bar shows the status of active simulations, and how far they are away from completion
  3. Completed Reports are shown with a blue button. Click to view the detailed Report
  4. The metric shown on the completed Reports can be set to kWh/kWp, Performance Ratio, or Energy (total generation) for quick comparison between simulations

Next Steps

You've completed all the steps required to create a design and simulation in HelioScope. You can join one of our upcoming webinars to learn more or email support@folsomlabs.com if you have any questions.