Trackers in HelioScope

Single-axis trackers are currently in Beta in HelioScope, and are free to use while they remain an in-progress feature. Note that our third-party engineering review is in process and has not yet been completed, so the calculations are subject to change. 

Currently back-tracking is on for all trackers, and the tracking range is set to +/- 60°. Both of those will be configurable in the future, but are hard-coded at the moment. 

When setting the azimuth, think of the azimuth as the direction of the axis that trackers will rotate around. An azimuth value of 180° will result in the modules rotating to the east and west.

To access trackers, please contact to request the beta. Then go to your racking type in your Field Segment and select Single-axis Trackers from the options in the drop down menu: