PVBID-HelioScope Integration

HelioScope can now be integrated with PVBID for fast, high-quality pricing, based on your HelioScope Design! 

Configuring Account

To get started, link your HelioScope and PVBID accounts with a few easy steeps: 

  1. Create an Auth Token from your HelioScope account, which you can do here: https://www.helioscope.com/reports/auth-tokens
  2. If you cannot access the link above, please contact the HelioScope support team (support@helioscope.com), and we can enable it for your account. 
  3. Paste the Token into the PVBID account configuration page (see screenshot below)

Using the Integration

Once the accounts are linked, you will see the option to "Import HelioScope Design" on the left side of the Bid Wizard. Simply click that button to select the Project and Design to be imported: