Horizon File Format

    Horizon Files Overview

    There are several file formats the Horizon profiles can be presented in, below are a few examples and their sources. 

    1. .HOR 


    a) Pathfinder

    Inside Pathfinder: create the report then go to: File > Export > Export HOR File.


    Sample file HOR file

    File example:

    2. Obstruction Elevation (CSV)

    a) Solmetric Suneye

    Elevation is shown for the highest shade-causing obstruction for every 1° of azimuth. The azimuth is given in two different range formats: 0° to 360° and -180° to +180°. In the -180° to +180° format, 0° is south when in the northern hemisphere and north when in the southern hemisphere. HelioScope uses the -180° to +180° format.

    Sample file ObstructionElevations file

    File example:  

    If using the CSV sample file to format your own horizon File, please add your elevation data to column C Average Elevation.

    Note that some Horizon files may have to be edited, removing the header and excess data, in order to make them match the examples above.

    Once you have the Horizon file for your Project, follow the steps in the Horizon Shading article to upload it to HelioScope.