WebGL Not Supported by Your Browser?

If you are receiving the following error message while using Google Chrome:

3D is Not Supported by Your Browser

Or if you are seeing duplicate or "ghost" overlays, you may have hardware that doesn't support HelioScope's design tool, but more likely your browser has run out of memory. There are a couple of things you will want to try to confirm it is not your hardware.

1. Close down your browser

The first thing to try is to completely close out of your browser. Sometimes Google Chrome or Firefox can still be running in the background and you want to make sure it fully closes. To do this, make sure to right-click on the application and 'Quit' on a Mac computer or use the task manager on a Windows PC to 'End Task'. If that doesn't resolve your issue then try a different browser.

2. Try a different browser

We suggest the use of Google Chrome or Firefox for using HelioScope. If one is experiencing this issue, try switching to the other browser. The last step to try if it doesn't work is to simplify your design.

3. Simplify your design

In some cases. you may have created a graphically intensive design and it can cause your browser to run out of memory. You may need to reduce the size and/or complexity of your design to allow the memory to compute properly.

4. Update your broswer settings

If the above method doesn't work you will need to update some of the deeper settings in your browser. The following steps apply to Google Chrome, our recommended browser:

1.Enable hardware acceleration. Settings --> Advanced --> Enable hardware acceleration

2.Copy and paste chrome://flags into your browser address bar:

  • Enable "Override software rendering list" (at the top)
  • Enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" (halfway down)

3.Close Chrome and make sure it is not running in the background. Re-open.

5. Contact support

If you have any issues please contact support@helioscope.com.

For expedited service please include some details about your hardware. Copy and paste chrome://gpu into your address bar to get the relevant details. Click File --> Save Page As and attach the gpu.htm file with your email.