Racking types


HelioScope allows the user to select between different types of racking depending on the type of Design and installation. This document list the different types available.

Fixed Tilt Racking

Fixed-tilt racking assumes the modules are tilted up in rows along a flat surface. As a result they will shade each other without sufficient row spacing and Fixed Tilt racking with Row Spacing of 0 will result in very high shading losses.  Fixed-tilt modules run cooler because they have open space behind them, resulting in less temperature losses.

Flush-mount Racking

For pitched rooftops, the Flush-mount racking assumes the modules are in the same plane as the roof – and therefore will never shade each other. Flush-mount modules, have less ventilation, and so run hotter resulting in higher temperature losses.

East-West Racking

HelioScope supports East-West Racking. Select it in the racking type drop down menu. 

Single-Axis Tracker

HelioScope has Single-Axis Tracker racking type in Beta. Select it in the racking type drop down menu.

Carports in HelioScope

HelioScope provides a specific type of racking for Carports. Read more here.