How to Create a Parapet Wall

This article will explain how to add a parapet wall to your Design so you can account for parapet wall shading.
  1. In the Keepout tab of the Designer menu, create a straight-line Keepout along the edge of the desired Field Segment. 
    1. click once to begin the Keepout.
    2.  double-click to complete the Keepout at the end of the line.
  2. Set the height of your parapet by entering it into the Height field.
  3. Check the 3-D view to make sure your Keepout is displayed on top of your Field Segment.
    1. hold down the Shift key while clicking and dragging the mouse.
    2. Pulling the mouse up and down will tilt the perspective, while dragging the mouse left and right will rotate the view.
    3. Click Recenter View to snap back to a top-down perspective of the array.
  4. If it's not fully encapsulated by the Field Segment, but only intersects, the set height will be from ground-level and you'll need to move the Keepout so it is encapsulated by the Field Segment. See Intersecting Field Segments and Keepouts for additional information.
  5. When Keepouts are given a height, they will cast a shadow for a given time of year. The default value is the winter solstice from 10am - 2pm local time. Any modules that are shaded during the time window will be removed. To allow modules to be placed in the shade, uncheck the "Keepout from shade" checkbox. When unchecked, you can see the effect of the parapet shading from the Module Shading Optimizer in the Advanced Tab of the Designer.