Glossary of Auto-Complete Smart Tokens

Glossary of Auto-Complete Smart Tokens

The following terms can be typed into proposal text fields to automatically pull in HelioScope data directly into the report. Typing a curly bracket "{" will bring up a list of available terms. As you start typing you will see a list of matching Smart Tokens. Below is a complete list of the currently available terms. Please let us know if there are any values you would like added to the list. 


Smart Token Definition
avg_bill_monthly Pre-solar monthly energy consumptions costs
avg_bill_monthly_with_solar Post-solar monthly energy consumption costs 
total_bill_yearly Pre-solar annual energy consumption costs
total_bill_yearly_with_solar Post-solar annual energy consumption costs 
total_bill_lifetime Total energy consumption costs across system lifetime 
total_savings_yearly  Annual energy consumption costs savings
total_savings_monthly Monthly energy consumption costs savings
lifetime_savings Total energy consumption cost savings across system lifetime
avg_cost_per_kwh Pre-solar electricity costs on a per kWh basis
avg_cost_per_kwh_lifetime Pre-solar electricity costs on a per kWh basis adjusted for utility cost inflation
avg_consumption_monthly  Average pre-solar electricity consumption in kWh
total_consumption_yearly Total pre-solar electricity consumption in kWh
total_consumption_yearly_with_solar Total post-solar electricity consumption in kWh


Smart Token     Definition
annual_production  Annual solar array energy generation
design_name Design name
design_nameplate_ac System size in AC
design_nameplate_dc System size in DC 
system_yield Specific yield, calculated as the total simulation energy generation divided by the system DC nameplate power. 
system_performance_ratio Performance Ratio (PR) shows the percentage of total potential energy for the array that is converted to AC energy ( read more here)


Smart Token     Definition
inverter_manufacturer Inverter manufacturer brand name
inverter_model Inverter model name
inverter_quantity Count of inverters in the design
inverter_wattage Inverter nominal output power
module_manufacturer Module manufacturer brand name
module_model Module model name
module_power Module STC rated power
module_quantity_total Count of all modules in the design 
When multiple Field Segments use different modules, these Smart Tokens tally the information for the modules with the first, second, and third most modules in the Design. The 'XXX' can stand for Model, Manufacturer, Quantity, or Power. 

Examples: module_power_1 would show the wattage of the module with the most modules. module_quantity_2 would show the module quantity of the module with the second most modules. module_model_3 would show the model name of the module with the third most modules.


Smart Token     Definition
avg_full_cost_monthly Monthly cost of solar financing + remaining electricity bill
financing_costs_monthly Monthly cost of solar financing
IRR Internal Rate of Return ( Investopedia definition)
LCOE Levelized Cost of Energy: calculated as the net present value of all costs over the life of the system divided by the net present value of energy generation over the life of the system
incentives_total  The sum of all incentives received over the life of the system
offset_bill  Percentage of electricity costs ($) offset by solar production
offset_energy Percentage of electricity consumption (kWh) offset by solar production
payback_period The amount of time (years) it takes to recover the cost of an investment
ppa_rate Cost per kilowatt-hour paid by customer to owning entity of solar system
ROI Return on Investment: value from electricity savings divided by investment cost
system_net_costs  Net system price after incentives
system_total_cost  Total system price before incentives
system_npv_cash  Net Present Value of cash inflows and outflows over the life of the system. Adjust future cash flows to today's dollars to adjust for the time value of money ( Investopedia definition)
system_npv_energy  Net Present Value of energy outflows over the life of the system. Adjusts future energy generation to account for the time value of money 


Smart Token Definition
project_created  Date of project creation
project_creator_company  Company name associated with the project creator's account
project_creator_email  Project creator's email address
project_creator_firstname Project creator's first name
project_creator_fullname Project creator's full name
project_creator_lastname Project creator's last name
project_name Name of the project 


The environmental metrics come from the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. All the values are structured on a per kWh basis. For example, 1 kWh of electricity is equal to 1.6 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions. In the financial template, setting the Carbon Dioxide field to 1.6 equivalent then your HelioScope reports will show 1.6 x system kWh generation to calculate the total carbon dioxide offset in pounds. The table below provides the per kWh equivalencies in both metric and imperial units. 
Smart Token Name Metric Imperial
co2_kg Carbon Dioxide   0.707 (kg / kWh) 1.6 (lbs / kWh)
driven_vehicle Passenger Vehicles Driven for 1 Year  0.0002 (cars / kWh) 0.0002 (cars / kWh)
driven_km Passenger Vehicle Distance Driven 2.73588 (km / kWh) 1.7 (miles / kWh)
recycled_ton  Waste Recycled Instead of Landfilled  0.00025 (tons / kWh) 0.00025 (tons / kWh) 
recycled_truck Waste Recycled Instead of Landfilled (truckload) 0.00004 (trucks / kWh) 0.00004 (trucks / kWh)
gasoline_liter Gasoline Consumed 0.3028 (liters / kWh) .08 (gallons / kWh)
gasoline_tanker Gasoline Consumed (Tanker Truck) 0.000009 (trucks / kWh)   0.000009 (trucks / kWh)
energy_annual_home Home Annual Energy Usage 0.00008 (homes / kWh) 0.00008 (homes / kWh)  
electricity_annual_home Home Annual Electricity Usage  0.00012 (homes / kWh) 0.00012 (homes / kWh)  
led_bulb Incandescent Lamps Switched to LEDs  0.027 (bulbs / kWh) 0.027 (bulbs / kWh)
oil_barrel Barrels of Oil Consumed  0.00164 (barrels / kWh)   0.00164 (barrels / kWh)  
propane_can Propane Used for Home Barbecues  0.029 (cylinders / kWh) 0.029 (cylinders / kWh)  
coal_kg Coal Burned 0.3506 (kg / kWh) 0.773 (lbs / kWh)
coal_railcar Coal Burned (Railcars) 0.00004 (railcars / kWh)   0.00004 (railcars / kWh)
seedling_ten_year Tree Seedlings Grown for 10 Years 0.0117 (seedling / kWh) 0.0117 (seedling / kWh)
forest_hectare Hectares of Forest Preserved for 1 Year 0.00832 (hectares / kWh)  0.00832 (hectares / kWh)