Managing HelioScope Invoices

This article is here to make HelioScope invoices simple to manage and edit, whether you are actively using the program or a member of your team's financial department. We will go over the top most important factors in creating and managing invoices in HelioScope, as well as some common questions.

What does "Admin" mean?

Invoice Admin

The administrator on an invoice can access & pay a HelioScope invoice without an account. This is a good way to include accounting departments, managers, or other individuals who would benefit from being able to see the invoice.

Team Admin

If a user is labeled as an "Admin" on the team page, that means they can access any design done by any member of their team, even if automatic sharing is off. This can be a useful solution when users want only one or two accounts to be able to see all designs done on the team, rather than having all designs automatically shared.

How do I automatically share my invoice / add an invoice admin?

You can automatically share your invoice by clicking the "Share Invoice" button on any existing invoice, paid or pending. Then enter the email for who you want to share the invoice with. This will share the invoice you have selected with that email, and share all invoices going forward for the account. This will also allow the invoice to be paid/and accessed by users who aren't the account owner. Should you need to change this at any time, you can do so from any invoice on the billing page

Changing User Email

If you need to change the email for a user, please email with both the new and old email for the account CC'd in your request.

Team Page vs. Billing Page

One common question we get when a finance department is looking at HelioScope is why there is a difference for the users on the team page and the billing page.

The team page is a list of all historic users that are on the company team. This means that their designs are automatically shared with the rest of the team so they are not lost when a user is changed or removed from the invoice. Users cannot log in to accounts that are not currently being paid for, so old team members will not be able to access the current team unless they are added to the invoice again.

The billing page is a list of all currently paid users. This is the page that will tell how many users are currently being paid for, allow the subscription owner to add new users or remove users, and allow old invoices to be accessed and shared. This determines which users currently have access.