Field Segment Overview

Row Spacing Metrics

There are several ways to define the spacing between modules for fixed tilt and flush mounted systems:

  1. Row Spacing is the edge-to-edge spacing between rows (in the N/S direction). This spacing can be set manually, or automatically calculated through the use of three different linked metrics:
    1. Span / Rise defines the ratio of the distance between rows over the height at the back of the module bank
    2. Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR) is the ratio of module area divided by the surface area covered by the modules
    3. Time of Day specifies a day and time range the modules will not shade one another, based on sun angles at the project location
  2. Module Spacing is the distance between modules on every side of each module, and is generally used to define the spacing needed for module clips or similar items
  3. Frame Spacing is the edge-to-edge spacing between frames (in the E/W direction).
    1. Frames are blocks of modules that are laid out together, allowing the user to create things like carports, multi-tiered ground mounts, or just a more regular layout on their rooftop.

For dual tilt (east west) systems, the user has two more inputs for spacing:

  1. Frame Spacing now controls the distance between modules in the North/South direction, separating blocks of modules in the same row
  2. Peak Spacing controls the gap at the peak of the dome, where the modules meet to form the high point of their connection

Field Segment Editing

Right click on a Field Segment for a menu of advanced controls:

  • Move will drag the entire Field Segment
  • Copy will copy the field segment, then you can left click and drag to place the copy
  • Align Modules to Click, and the modules will align the nearest top left corner of a module to the point that was clicked (where left is relative to the azimuth of the field segment)
  • Remove this Module will remove or restore an individual module