Proposals Overview

Welcome to HelioScope Pro! HelioScope Pro (previously known as Beta) allows you to work with Financials on Proposals for your designs. You can quickly and easily create custom sales documents for customers straight from your HelioScope designs. HelioScope Pro allows you to automatically pull in project details, design details, utility rate analysis, financial metrics, and generate custom reports all in one location. This article will help you get started using the new features.

1. Attend a Live Training Webinars

Sign up in the link below for the next scheduled live training webinar. The date and time details will also be in the link. Register for Proposals Webinar

2. How to Access the Financials and Proposals Interface

First, request access by emailing Once enabled, you can view Financials and Proposals go to

3. Watch Our Training Videos

This training video shows you all the steps to set up the Proposals, Financial assumptions, and Utility Rates in HelioScope. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at

To navigate to the relevant section of the following video, you can skip to a different section of the recording:

  1. (03:51) How to Update Team Settings like Currency
  2. (05:23) How to Input Information on the Overview Page
  3. (15:45) How to Edit Proposals
  4. (22:20) How to Create a Custom Utility Rate
  5. (34:38) How to Create a Financial Model
  6. (47:47) How to Create Incentives

4. Read our Step by Step Guide

Step by step guide: Generating a Proposal

Step-by-Step Guide: Customizing Utility Rates

Step by Step Guide: Create a Report Template

Step-by-Step Guide: Customizing Financial Incentives in HelioScope