Step-by-Step Guide: Generating a Proposal

The video below will show you how to generate a proposal in HelioScope Beta.

To access please use
Select a Project from the Project menu list or create a new Project.
Create or select a Design.
To run simulation for new or edited Designs, click on the orange calculator at the top right corner of the screen.

More information on how to see and display all Design metrics.

Choose your Utility Rate. Select Flat Rate and enter the price per kWh rate, or click Select Rate to open a search bar to search for a specific utility rate. If you cannot find the Rate you need you can create a new Rate from the  Utility Rates  builder. 

Enter Consumption Details.  Enter or upload the utility bill details or consumption information from your customer. Three options for data upload.

A. Upload a new consumption file. Please reach out to us if your current format is not supported. 

B. Select from a previously uploaded Consumption File. 

C. Edit Assumptions, enter new monthly consumption values for some or all of the months, change the Usage Site to a different location, or select a different Building Type to establish a new consumption profile for your type of building. 

NOTE: Building Types are currently only available in the US. 

Add an Incentive. Click on Add Incentive and select from the drop-down menu or search for a specific Incentive, click on the green checkmark button to add it. You may create new Incentives in your Incentive Library

Define your Financial Inputs. Select the Financial Model you would like to use from the drop-down menu. Enter the specific values for your Project and select from the optional fields.

You can create new Financial Models from the Financial Model Library and also bookmark the ones to be displayed in the drop-down menu. 

To learn more about the steps included in the Financial Model click on View Detailed Configuration and review the Financial Modeling Glossary

Choose a Condition Set. If you have created different Condition Sets select which one should be used in the simulation. 

View and export your proposal: click the Report you'd like to view under the Reports section of the left-hand sidebar. If you're happy with how everything looks, click the printer icon in the top bar of the page.

You can also customize the look of your proposal by editing your theme to match your brand's color or by editing the the Report in the Libraries section.
If you prefer to export multiple files at once (SLD, CAD, Reports, etc.) check out our bulk exporter documentation here
If you wish to modify or create a new Report Template you may do so from the Reports Library.

NOTE: Remember to define the Currency and Locale of your Financial Configuration.