Step-by-Step Guide: Customizing Utility Rates

This page will provide videos, steps, and links on how to customize your utility rates and apply them to your projects.

Steps to Creating a Custom Utility Rate

  1. On the left sidebar click "Libraries" then click "Utility Rates" to go to the Utility Rates Page
  2. Click the orange "+ New Utility Rate" button on the top-right of the screen
  3. Edit the name of the Utility Rate to something memorable (click next to the pencil icon to edit)
  4. To turn on or off demand charges, click the toggle to the far right of "Demand Charges" under "Rate Structure"
  5. Choose either "Energy Charges" or "Demand Charges" (if toggled on) to begin editing the rate
  6. For "Energy Charges" you can set your Net Metering parameters
    1. Use the check box to toggle Net Metering on or off.
    2. Set the Nonbypassable Charges value for all rates. Search for the term on this page.
    3. Set the net metering value for any specific rate.
  7. For both "Energy Charges" and "Demand Charges" you can set the following.
    1. You can change the name of the rate section, such as "Summer", or "Winter" by clicking the pencil icon next to "Rate"
    2. Edit the rate value ($/kWh for energy, $/kW for demand)
    3. Add multiple tiers by clicking the "+ Add Rate" button
    4. You can then edit the Tier Cap and Absolute Cap values
  8. Set your time of use schedule
  9. Click "Save" in the top right corner.

After completing the steps above you can now add your incentive to your project from the Overview page. Click the "Add Incentive" button and search for your new incentive.