How to Configure Consumption Details

The following article explains how to configure consumption details in HelioScope beta for financials & proposals. You will be able to manually input the monthly consumption numbers for your designs. 

If you need to upload a consumption file, please follow the page in the link.

Manually Editing Monthly Consumption

Navigate to the Consumption details by going to Overview and scrolling down to Consumption Details
Click on Edit Assumptions. There you can input a single month of consumption.


To input multiple months of consumption start by clicking on Advanced Configuration after clicking on Edit Assumptions. In the new window, you can click the Edit button to input the monthly consumption.


You can input all 12 months of consumption data in kWh, but if you do not have all months of the data, HelioScope will automatically fill in the remaining months (these will be the values in grey). The remaining months will be determined by the load profile of the building type (US only) or by the average of the months that you’ve input.


(For US only)  We are able to simulate the load profile for different building types by data provided by NREL. You can customize the automated load profile by changing the Usage Site weather file and/or changing the Building Type.


Make sure to click Save Changes to apply your new consumption profile to the design.