SCF Integration

HelioScope and Sustainable Capital Finance have an integration that enables HelioScope users to get SCF PPA rates directly in their HelioScope proposals. 

Activating Integration

In order to activate the SCF integration, follow these steps 

  1. If necessary, sign up for an account with SCF here
  2. Obtain the SCF Company ID from the SCF Dashboard: 

3. Contact the HelioScope support team to have the SCF integration enabled 

4. Navigate to Team Integrations page (, and enter the SCF team ID under "Sustainable Capital Finance" (see screenshot below). 

Team Integrations page, showing SCF auth token entered

Create SCF Financial Model

  1. Open the Financial Model editor in HelioScope (either by editing an existing Financial Model, or creating a new one). 
  2. Under the "Financing" section, click the "+" button to add a financial step, and select "Sustainable Capital Finance PPA". 
  3. Set the default values you want used for your models, and customize whether the step is optional. Make the parameters Editable so they can be changed from the Project. 

Adding New Financing Step to Financial Model, select "Sustainable Capital Finance PPA"

Customizing SCF PPA, to set default values and make terms editable

Use SCF Financial Model on Project

When you have a project that you want to quote an SCF PPA, select the Financial Model that has the SCF integration enabled. HelioScope will send the Project details (including the size, price per watt, and other contract terms), and will obtain the PPA rate from the SCF servers. 

Use PPA rate with Customer Proposal

Edit or create a new Proposal to showcase the SCF offering. Use the smart token {ppa_rate} to have the PPA rate show up in the Proposal.