How to Upload Consumption Files

 1. File Types Supported

Below are the compatible file types and the CSV templates available for consumption upload. We will continue to add more file types, and if you have a file you would like us to consider, please email it to

  • Green Button XML Files - Greenbutton Website, List of Participating Utilities
  • CSV File must have the following:
    • interval data at 60-minute, 30-minute, or 15-minute intervals
    • Date and time information
    • Power or energy information
    • Example files: 

2. Step-by-step Instructions: How to Upload Consumption Files

  1. Navigate to the Overview Page and scroll down to the Consumption Details
  2. Click the Upload New button.
  3. Choose the consumption file from your computer.
  4. For XML files, the upload will occur automatically (jump to step 6). For CSV files, choose formatting based on the formatting of your file:

    1. Date Format: choose the appropriate date format based on your CSV (Y = year, M = month, D = day, H = hour, m = minute; be sure to select the correct order and number of digits)
    2. Interval Length (options are 60 minutes, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes)
    3. Column (the column where the data is found; A would be column 1, B would be column 2, etc.)
    4. Energy Units (options are energy and power)
    5. Energy Scale (options are kWhs and Whs if energy was chosen; options are kWp and Wp if power was chosen)
    6. Column (the column where the data is found; A would be column 1, B would be column 2, etc.)
    7. Number of Header Rows (the number of rows before the interval data starts; in the below example, there would be 3 header rows): 
  5. You will not be able to upload until the formatting is correct. The parser will provide details on any differences between the file selected and the configuration specified (in the below example, no data was found in the specified row, meaning that the incorrect number of header columns was chosen): 
  6. Once the configuration specified matches the formatting of the CSV file (or if you have uploaded an XML file), you will see a snapshot of the monthly consumption (daily available in the daily tab): 
  7. Confirm the consumption looks accurate, then click Save.