Financial Debug Column Explanations

See the Accessing the Financial Debug Feature to see how to access the tool. 

The columns in the Financial Debug Feature will depend directly on the inputs from the Financial Model that you create. For example, if you enter multiple system cost inputs, they will appear independently in the Financial Debug Feature. Below are all of the possible columns that can be populated in the Financial Debug Feature.

Column Name Description Units 
Analyze Solar Production Data Energy Production of the Solar System without Annual Degradation. The Solar Production will vary slightly year-to-year due to estimated fluctuations in irradiance year-to-year. See editing the irradiance variance in Condition Sets MWh
System Degradation System Degradation displays the annual solar production, including the system degradation input.  MWh
Analyze Usage Data Energy consumption of the site  MWh
Simulate Demand Profile Compares usage data and solar production data at the interval level to model required inflows and outflows of energy for the site before and after solar. MWh
Model Utility Rate Pricing Pre-solar energy-related utility costs. $
Model Utility Rate Pricing (After Solar) Estimated post-solar energy-related utility costs. $
Utility Cost Escalator Pre-solar energy-related utility costs, including the utility cost escalator input. $
Utility Cost Escalator (After Solar) Post-solar energy-related utility costs, including the utility cost escalator input. $
Price Per Watt Incentive Amount of the Price per Watt incentive input.  $
Percentage Based Incentive Amount of the Percentage Based incentive input.  $
Fixed Incentive Amount of the Fixed Incentive input. $
Fixed Price Amount of the Fixed Price input.  $
Price Per Watt  Amount of the Price per Watt input. $
Price Per Module Amount of the Price per Module input. $
Price Per Inverter Amount of the Price per Inverter input. $
Price Per Optimizer Amount of the Price per Optimizer input. $
Equipment Replacement Cost Amount of the scheduled equipment replacement cost input.  $
Annual Maintenance Cost Amount of the annual maintenance cost input. $
Interest Deduction Savings Account for the interest deduction benefit applied to State or Federal taxes. Pairs with Loan Financing financial modeling. $
PPA Financing Amount of cash flow in the PPA financing method. The cash with a negative sign denotes money paid by the client. The cash with a positive sign indicates money paid by the entity owning the photovoltaic system (not the client). $
Loan Financing - Financials Amount of cash flow, including the principal, dealer's fee, and interest for the project. $
Loan Financing - Interest Amount of loan interest paid for the project.  $
Apply Project Incentives Amount of incentives scheduled for the project. $
Depreciation The amount of depreciation benefit the customer receives on the PV system. $
Loan Financing - System Cost Amount of System Costs including Loan Financing. $

Cumulative or Sequential Addition:  

Currently, if you have multiple Financial Model inputs of the same kind (i.e. three different Fixed Cost entries), the values will add up cumulatively rather than being individual values. 

For example, if you have three separate Fixed Cost entries of $100,000, $50,000, and $20,000 in your Financial Model, the Financial Debug Feature would show the Fixed Costs as $100,000, $150,000, and $170,000, respectively.