Updating Preferences

You can update your preferences in the HelioScope Financials and Proposals Tool as shown in this video or listed in the steps below.

1. Click on your name in the bottom left of your screen.

2. Click on Account Settings.

3. Under Account, click on Preferences.

4.  To change your preferred units for distance or conductors, click on the dropdown menus here.

5. Under Design Renders, you can select which design components you'd like to be included in Design Renders. You can also change the default resolution for design renders using the dropdown menu. 

6.  Under Designer, you can set whether you'd like dimension labels to be always shown for Field Segments and Keepouts while working in the Designer. Note that dimension labels will always be shown for actively selected Field Segments or Keepouts. From here, you can also change the size of these labels.

7. Once you've made any desired changes for your preferences, click Save at the bottom of the page.