Things you May have Missed for the Financial and Proposal Tool

Here are Tips and Tricks that you may have missed with the Financials and Proposals Tool.

  1. Live Chat - At the bottom right of every page on HelioScope, you can click the 'Questions? Ask us!' to chat with a HelioScope agent!  
  2. Smart Token Glossary - See the definitions for every Smart Token that can be used to customize your Reports. 
  3. Report Widget Glossary - See all the possible widgets for customizing your Reports. 
  4. Show the All Financial Metrics Bar - Show the Financial Metrics Bar across the top of the Overview page to see the financial benchmarks easily.
  5. Financial Debug Feature - The Financial Debug Feature allows you to see the annual outputs of the financial report. Many people use this to confirm if their Financial inputs are showing the expected results.
  6. Solar Payment Options - If confused about the difference between Solar Leases, Loans, PPA's, and Cash Purchases, see this Solar Payment Options Link.
  7. Upload Consumption Files - You can upload interval data in 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour increments for your site.
  8. Update your Preferences - Update information like units, label sizes in Designer, details including in Design renders, and more in your Preferences. 
  9. Filtering Shared Projects - You can filter through Projects you have created versus Projects the entire Team has created.
  10. Upload Components Immediately - Upload a PAN File (module) or OND file (inverter) for immediate access. Use these links as guides: Module Upload and Inverter Upload