CAD Export Blocks and Layers

Many users still have questions once they export their solar design or Single Line Diagram to CAD and this document will discuss a common error, Blocks, and Layers. 

Background Isn't Showing Up: If you've exported the 3D layout to DXF and the satellite imagery is now showing up automatically, you will need to change the Image Path within your CAD program. This is essentially telling the software where to look for the image file that is referenced in the .DXF. Imagery from Google Maps and Bing will export in the DXF file, but image overlays and NearMaps will not.

Blocks: When you export the DXF file of your HelioScope Project, the DXF file preserves modules as blocks which can thus be counted or moved as blocks. However, if the HelioScope layout uses Frames (common in ground mount solar Projects), then each Frame is a block that can be exploded to a module block.

Layers: The DXF file will also create AutoCAD layers for Setbacks, Field Segments, Keepouts (except trees) and Modules (apart from other default CAD layers for text etc).