How to Handle Skewed Imagery

How to Identify Skewed Imagery 

Skewed imagery can be identified when you can see the sides of buildings. HelioScope is designed to be used with imagery that is perfectly top-down, making the sides of buildings invisible. Using skewed imagery can result in less accurate field segment measurements.

How to Handle Skewed Imagery

The best way to handle skewed imagery is not to use it! If other imagery is available, even if it is blurrier or of lower quality, we recommend using alternate imagery. Switch to a different imagery source or add custom imagery as an overlay, if you have access to alternate imagery.

If you must use skewed imagery, follow these steps to maximize accuracy:

  1. draw the longest field segment line you are confident in first
  2. hold down the shift key to create right angles from that line (assuming your roof is rectangular or made up of right angles) 
  3. continue this process to complete the field segment, even if the field segment does not line up with the rest of the imagery