How to Enable Configuration of Rich Text Widgets

When Editing a Report Template, you can enable the configuration of Rich Text Widgets to allow for your team to enter additional text on a Project by Project basis. You can enable this type of configuration on a report as shown below.

Step by Step Instructions: Enabling Configurations on a Report Template

1. Navigate to the Report Templates page under Libraries.

2. Select the Report Template and then click Edit.

3. Select the Rich Text Widget you'd like to enable configurations for or create a new Rich Text Widget.

4. While you have the Widget selected, Toggle on "Enable Configuration" under Project Settings.

5. Click Save.

Step by Step Instructions: Adding text to a Rich Text Widget with Configuration Enabled

1. While working on a Project, select the Report you'd like to add Project specific text to from the Reports section under Project Configuration.

2. Click Edit Configuration in the upper right hand corner.

3. Click on a configurable widget in the Report.

4. Click away from the widget and then click Save in the upper right hand corner.

Making Changes to a Configurable Report Template

If you make and save changes to a Report Template with configurable widgets which is currently being used, you'll see the following notification. This notification will also let you know how many Projects are using the configurable template.

When a Report Template is changed, viewing the configured Project level report will provide the following warning. However, until the Report is Updated, it will remain as it was before the Report Template was changed.