How to Use LIDAR

LIDAR beta is available for our Enterprise users. If you are interested in learning about our Enterprise package for LIDAR, join our waitlist by filling out this form.

If you have access to the LIDAR feature, here is how to model using LIDAR in HelioScope:

Setting up LIDAR in the design:

  1. After completing your initial site design, turn on LIDAR by clicking the "Turn LIDAR on" button in the top right-hand corner OR by clicking on the LIDAR button under the Advanced setting on the Design Menu
  2. Click the Turn on LIDAR button next to LIDAR 
  3. Click between LIDAR Styles to toggle between Mesh, Imagery, or Point Cloud

  4. Adjust the LIDAR data by using the x, y, and z Data Offset fields. 

  5. You can also view or switch the source of LIDAR data in the LIDAR settings menu.

  6. Next, go to the Mechanical tab and right-click on your field segment to align your field segment to LIDAR:

Click Here to see HelioScope’s LIDAR availability map.