Upload New Modules & Inverters

Datasheet Uploads

If you do not find a module or inverter after searching our database, you can always add it to our database. If you have a specification sheet from the manufacturer you can email it to support@folsomlabs.com. This process typically takes a few business days as we have to manually translate the spec sheet to a format our database understands.

Inverter Derates

If you have an inverter that needs to be simulated with a derate, please provide an OND file with your needed specifications and our team will be happy to add the custom component to your private library. Note we are unable to edit the OND file for you so the derate will need to already be present. More info on OND files can be found below.

PAN / OND File Uploads 

HelioScope can automatically upload PAN files from PVSyst from versions 6.4 and later directly on the  Module Library Page. OND files must be sent to us at support@folsomlabs.com, and must also be from a version of PVsyst 6.4 or later. 

Updating PAN / OND Files to Version 6.4 or Later

If you have a file from an older version of PVsyst you will need to update the PAN/OND file to a newer version to upload it. This app-note will guide you through the process of updating PAN and OND files so they can be uploaded to HelioScope.

A. File Requirements

  • PAN and OND files must be saved with a version of PVsyst 6.4 or later.
  • PAN and OND files must be saved so they are not backwards compatible. If the file is backwards compatible, it will not be able to be imported in HelioScope.

B. Diagnosing PAN and OND Files

To understand the version of PVsyst used to create the PAN or OND file, open the file in a raw text editor such as Notepad, Text Editor, or Sublime Text.

Opening a correctly formatted file will show something similar to this:

Whereas opening an incorrectly-formatted file will look like this:

C. Converting PAN Files

  1. Open the PAN or OND file in the most recent version of PVsyst. If you do not have the most recent version, update the program before altering any files.

  2. Once the file is uploaded within PVsyst, change the file name to something that reflects the updated version. We recommend including the version it was saved with in the name (in this example we added _6.4 to the end of the file name).

  3. Once the file name has been changed, you can then save the file, but make sure that your file is not backwards compatible. This will prompt you to save your file as a new file. Save the file to a common location where it can be easily identified, and make sure that you uncheck the box that says “Make compatible with old versions of PVsyst.”