Pictometry KMZ Files in HelioScope

HelioScope allows you to use both Google Maps and Bing Maps, but sometimes you may want better images than what are available through those providers. If you have a Pictometry Online or CONNECTExplorer account you can easily upload photos and high-resolution imagery into HelioScope using KML files from Pictometry. The following guide describes how to save and upload a geo-located KML file from Pictometry Online.

Inside Pictometry

  1. Search for your site in Pictometry.
  2. Set the view to straight up and down by clicking the small black dot under the compass (top-right of the screen)
  3. Click Preferences and scroll down to Export Image to change your file type to KML (LatLonBox)
  4. Click the exit door icon on the bottom right of the page to save your high-resolution image.
  5. You can choose to export just the visible area or the entire image

Inside HelioScope

  1. Create a project in HelioScope based on the same address as before.
  2. Navigate to the advanced tab and select Overlays. Click the Upload Overlay button and search for the KML file created by Pictometry. Click Save to upload your image
  3. You can now toggle the overlay on and off using the blue “eye” button.
  4. You’re finished! Now you can toggle your overlay on and off as needed. Your updated image can be used as a base for your designs and it will be included on your final report. You deserve an ice cream sandwich; we’ll be here when you get back.