Single Line Diagram


The HelioScope Single-Line Diagram Generator automatically creates an electrical schematic of the Design in HelioScope. This will update in real-time based on changes to the Design.

  1. Click the “SLD” button at the top right to enter the Single-Line Diagram view. 

  2. Inverters with identical circuit structure will be collapsed in the diagram. These will be indicated by “Typical of X” for the number of identical circuits that have been collapsed.
  3. Note that combiners and recombiners can be removed by clicking the “Remove” link in the Electrical Designer.
  4. Conductor lengths are calculated with two conductors over the distances in the Designer. Note that for three-phase or three-phase wye circuits, the AC conductor quantities should be multiplied by 1.5 or 2.0 respectively.
  5. The coefficients for the modules and inverters can be found in the Specifications tables.
  6. The Single Line Diagram can be exported from HelioScope in DXF format, which can be viewed in CAD (or a CAD viewer such as DraftSight).